Market Snapshots for Jan 20-26

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New listings: 25 (Last week: 36)

Active listings: Local board-650, Medicine Hat-405, Single Family Homes-204

(Last week: Local board-639, Medicine Hat-394, Single Family Homes-208)

Expired Listings: 7 (Last Week: 10)

Cancelled Listings: 4 (Last Week: 7)

Conditional Sales: 16 (last week: 12)

Sold property: 21 (last week: 28)

Jan 20 – 26

’11 –15 sales

’12 – 23 sales

’13 – 19 sales

’14 – 21 sales


Below is a graph showing the ratio of sold price compared to list price. Due to the lack of buyers in the cold months you can see that the better time to buy or negotiate a sale is in the colder months. The downside is then having to move while it’s cold.

Sale Price/ List Price

Time frame is from Jan 2012 to Dec 2013

Association is ‘Medicine Hat’
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