Sell Your Home

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Tim SeitzWe will help you determine the reason you are selling your home to set a foundation for your home selling strategy.  First impressions are lasting ones and you will want to make sure that buyers looking at your home are left with a favorable one.  We will advise you on any work or repairs that will make your home more appealing.

We will assist you in determining the best possible price for your home so it sells as quickly as possible.  Part of this is giving you up
to date information on what is happening in the marketplace.  We will explain the listing contract to you in detail.

There are various ways to market your home and we will explain these as well as determine together if we will conduct open
houses or not.  A realtor open house is usually conducted shortly after the listing appears on MLS for more exposure.

We are available to answer questions thru the process.  When an offer to purchase is presented we will guide you thru the negotiation process and do all the communicating with the purchasing realtor.   The required paperwork can be overwhelming and we will explain it to
you.  We can help you resolve any issues and move the transaction to close a purchase agreement.